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Dative of the person judging



Allen & Greenough’s NEW LATIN GRAMMAR 378.

The Dative is used of the person from whose point of view an opinion is stated or a situation or a direction is defined.

This is often called the Dative of the Person Judging, but is merely a weakened variety of the Dative of Reference. It is used—

1. Of the mental point of view (in my opinion, according to me. etc.):—

Plato mihi unus instar est centum milium (Cic. Brut. 191), in my opinion (to me) Plato alone is worth a hundred thousand.

erit ille mihi semper deus (Verg. Ecl. 1.7), he will always be a god to me (in my regard).

quae est ista servitus tam claro homini (Cic. Par. 41), what is that slavery according to the view of this distinguished man?

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